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Growing with New Haven. Working for you.

New Name. New Look. New Website. Same commitment to community.

We have pledged our resources and capabilities to support our neighbors and New Haven, our neighborhood, since the beginning. We’ve been advocates for the financial success and well-being of New Haven. The bank continues to serve as a catalyst for economic and social improvement.

Our new name will embody our deep commitment to our neighbors and the growth of the community.

We stand for New Haven. We’re proud to announce that we’re changing our name to New Haven Bank.

Name Change FAQs

Why is Start Community Bank changing its name to New Haven Bank?

New Haven is constantly growing and evolving and we are growing with it. We are the ONLY local bank in New Haven. This is our home; we felt it was appropriate to reflect that in our new name – NEW HAVEN BANK.

We have been and will continue to be advocates for the financial success and well-being of New Haven – its residents and businesses. Our name change solidifies our position in this community.

When will the name change take place?

The official name change will take place at the end of August.

Will my commercial loan and deposit accounts remain the same?

Your account number will remain the same. If you have a START Checking, Savings or Money Market account, the product name is changing to NHB Checking, Savings or Money Market.

If I have an existing loan with you, will I have to sign new loan documents that state NEW HAVEN BANK as the lender?

No, all legal loan documents remain as they are.

Will I receive a new ATM/Debit card with the name New Haven Bank on it?

Yes, a new ATM/Debit card will be sent to you with the new bank name. Your existing card will continue to work until you receive and activate the new card.

Will checks remain the same?

Yes, continue to use your existing supply of checks; when it is time for you to reorder, your new supply of checks will bear the name New Haven Bank.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

We are changing our name only – we are the same bank, same people, same location, same commitment to our community and our customers. Our new name, NEW HAVEN BANK, better represents who we are.

Website FAQs

When will the website launch? When will I notice this change?

The new website is coming soon, but rest assured there's nothing you need to do. Continue to visit us online as you normally do - and be on the lookout for a fresh new site. Our current website address will redirect to the new site when it’s live. (You’ll be encouraged to update any bookmarked pages after the new site launches.)

Will my bookmarked pages still work?

The website address,, will redirect to the new site. However, as part of our site redesign, pages and URLs will be restructured. Redirects for certain sections will be in place, but your bookmarks may need to be updated after the new site launches.

Will I notice a change in Online or Mobile Banking?

No. You can continue to enjoy the online and mobile banking tools that we already offer. These services will not be impacted by the new website launch.

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